Hacienda La Manguita

Hacienda La Manguita is an auto-ethnographical research that explores memory and its relation with place in the process of becoming, through the stories told from an abandoned house in the city of Neiva, Colombia.

This research had a multi-local approach, that started in the City of Berlin, reached Bogotá and finished in the city of Neiva, where the house stands.

This multi-media anthropological research, combines a written and a visual ethnographic analysis. They could be understood separately, but the idea is to get immerse in both perspectives and analytical approaches to understand the ethnographic research as a whole.

This last exercise tries to include the audience in the open process of research and for that reason, it includes the material and information I used for my research and it is also an invitation to comment and give your opinion of both visual and written works.

Text: Hacienda La Manguita

Film: Hacienda La Manguita